2013 Final Spec ///M3

So we took the beemer for its last run round Sepang Circuit this year hoping to clock 2:30’s but due to on track traffic we only managed to squeeze out a 2:31.971 which is still respectable for a stock motor 3.2L M3. Thats 0.5sec off our fastest time set earlier in the year, 2:31.5

I think we have more or less hit the limit with the current setup. Will be looking at installing the homologated GTR front lip which would probably bring us to a late 2:30 lap time. We’ll make the changes soon enough and bring it out next year. Happy holidays.

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Dirt Racing

10 years since i last rallied and finishing 1st was a great feat. It was a tough rally but we drove smart and was leading the 2WD category by the end of day 1. We kept track of our competitors in day 2 and pushed when needed to maintain our lead till the finish. Looks like you will be seeing more of us in the Malaysian Rally Championship next year!

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Race Rally Research

Sepang 1000KM didn’t go as planned. We started off strong in the 1st hour leading the pack by 10secs just before our 1st driver change. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our race ended due to a mechanical failure and ended our race prematurely.

This weekend will be the final race of the year. The Malaysian Rally Championship held in Bahau & this would be my first rally after 10 years. I am looking forward to it as Team Proton R3 is on route to secure the 2013 rally championship. I will be piloting the team’s 3rd car kitted with some development parts in preparation for the 2014 season.

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Stocked Up!

Stocks are in! Get them while we have it. Check online at www.speedcityklspeedshop.bigcartel.com or head on over to Speed City KL’s SpeedShop available every Saturday nite!

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Last weekend didn’t go as planned. It started off pretty good and we were in a good position to secure our 2nd place in the championship with the Proton Preve R3. Syafiq Ali won the Malaysian Touring Car Championship by Round 4 and all our concentration was set of giving the Preve its maiden win.

From the pic above you will know that it did not turn out as planned. We were pushed off into the wall 10secs after the lights turned green and ended our weekend instantly. I was rushed to the hospital in fear of a neck + back injury and the car was a wreck.

The doctors did their routine checks and I fortunately was in one piece. A sore back and torn muscles from the impact but that was it.

9tro managed to get a photo sequence of the crash. Log on to www.9tro.com to view.

See you next race.

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The Final Battle

Its the final race of the season for the Malaysian Touring Car Series. I will be back in the Preve this round finalizing setup before we head to the 1000KM race in December. We are happy with the progress made throughout the year. Our cars have pace & reliability. I’m going to push and make this weekend the Proton Preve’s maiden race win for the 2013 season. Lets do this!

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