About Me


Age: 40 Gender: Male
Zodiac Year: Dragon
Industry: Automotive
Occupation: Professional Race Driver/Vehicle Dynamics Engineer
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Achievements :

Proton Silverstone National Championship 1995 (Novice Category) – Overall Champion

Malaysian Rally Championship 2003 – 3rd Overall

3rd Overall Lotus Kumho Series Championship (Australia) 2004

2005 & 2006 MME 12Hr Endurance Overall Champion

D1 GrandPrix Malaysia 2006 Overall Champion

D1 GP All Star World Series 2006 5th World Ranking

D1 GP All Star World Championship 2007 Best-8

Formula D Singapore 2008 1st Runner-Up

D1 Grand Prix ‘Tokyo Drift’ Odaiba 2008 25th position

Red Bull Drifting World Championship 2008 Best-16

Star Drift Challenge 2008 Series Champion

Formula Drift Singapore 2009 Champion

Formula Drift Thailand 2009 2nd Runner-Up

Formula Drift Malaysia 2009 Champion

Formula Drift Singapore 2010 Champion

Burn FXOpen Drifting Challenge Belarus 2010 1st Runner Up

Formula Drift Asia Series Champion 2009 & 2010

Formula Drift Qatar 2011 1st Runner Up

FX Open Drift Series 2011 Final Round 1st Runner Up

FX Open Drifting Challenge Belarus 2011 4th

All Star Professional Thailand Drift Series 2011 Rd1 1st Runner Up; Rd2 Champion; Rd3 Best 16; Rd4 4th; Rd5 Champion; Rd6 Champion

All Star Professional Thailand Drift Series 2011 Overall Driver & Team Champion

Formula Drift Malaysia 2012 2nd Runner Up

360BOL Nations Cup Malaysia 1st Runner Up

Formula Drift Singapore 2012 Top 8

Formula Drift Indonesia 2012 1st Runner Up

360BOL Team Drift Challenge Indonesia 2012 Champion

Formula Drift Asia Championship 2012 1st Runner Up

Zerotohundred “Time To Attack” RD2 2012 GT RWD Class – Champion

Zerotohundred “Time To Attack” RD1 2013 GT RWD Class – Champion

Malaysian Touring Car Championship Rd 2 2013 – 2nd Runner Up

Formula Drift Malaysia 2013 – Final 4

Malaysian Touring Car Championship Rd 4 2013 – Champion

Malaysian Rally Championship Rd 4 2013 – 2WD Champion

Formula Drift Thailand 2014 – Top 8

Sepang 1000KM Endurance Race – Overall Champion 2014 & 2016

MSF Saga Cup 2016 – Rd 2 & Rd 4 Overall Champion


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