///M Trackday


We made a small change to the BMW M3 since the last Zerotohundred TimeToAttack event. We decided to inch down from 18 to 17, but kept with the same section width of 235mm.
On our 2nd lap out at the Sepang Circuit Trackday, we hit a 2:31.635. Thats 2 secs faster than our previous fastest lap of 2:33.4 on 18 inch wheels.
The Beemer had a tad more understeer compared to the previous wheel size which was probably due to the higher tire aspect ratio on the 17’s.
We made a few damper tweeks, tightened up the front end as much as we could in our 2 hour trackday session and wrapping it up with a fastest time of the day with 2:31.508

I didn’t expect 2 secs from just a wheel change. This makes our quest to hit 2:30’s possible while maintaining a stock motor. Now I’m really enjoying this ///M3. Till the next session.

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